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Stop dreaming, our home automation is within your reach

Take Control of Your Home

Simplify your life, adapt your home to your lifestyle

From lighting to multimedia, our home automation will allow you to master everything you want and that in a modular way

To improve your comfort, your safety and also to save money.

Touch your screen, dive into the desired atmosphere and keep an eye on your belongings. You can still check it even when you’re out of home


Lighting has always played a fundamental role in our lives, create a perfect atmosphere at home thanks to our home automation.

This will allow you to manage the lighting in an economic way thanks to scenarios you will have chosen. Whatever the type of lighting, you can create luminous atmospheres that look like you


Save money, control your energy consumption with the integrated management system.

Each room in your home can be optimized to suit your lifestyle.

You will reduce waste and increase efficiency by programming the devices according to your habits and desires of each member of the family. And this even remotely via your smartphone.


In any home automation system, automation control plays a central and essential role

Make your life easier by controlling the opening and closing of your shutters, curtains, blinds, gates, etc.

Thanks to our home automation system, simplify your life, order partially or all the shutters with a single gesture; or automatically at certain times of the day; or simply by activating your alarm system.

Control - Home Automation

Your comfort and well-being are our concern

To do this, our home automation system, compatible and modular, allows a global control of your entire home via a simple and intuitive touch screen; or via your smartphone remotely from your office; or when you are on vacation.

Intercom & videophone

The video-parlophone is also integrated in our home automation.
You will receive your calls on your control screen and/or on your smartphone
Allowing you to respond and open the door remotely if necessary.

Moreover, thanks to the integrated video answering machine in our home automation screens, you can visualize your missed calls


Thanks to the home automation system, protect your home and family with a perfectly integrated alarm

Video surveillance is an integral part of any modern home automation system as well as an alarm system

Check in real time on your home automation screen and remotely on your smartphone what is happening at home

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is an integral part of any modern home automation system as well as an alarm system

Check in real time on your home automation screen and remotely on your smartphone what is happening at home

Custom app

We propose you a global tailored application with elegant design by grouping the total control of all your multimedia and home automation.

Simplicity and efficiency for your comfort


Do you want to watch a movie with the familiy?

Touch the screen, the house turns into 'Cinema' mode: the lights are dimmed, the curtains and shutters close, the screen comes from the ceiling, your home cinema system lights up ... Just 'Sit down and enjoy’ !!!

Thanks to our long technical experience as an authorized service center for the Yamaha and Kef brands, GF TRONICS can offer you the best audiovisual combination you want and integrate it into your home automation project

Technical center

GF TRONICS began its activities in the audiovisual sector as a technical center.

Thanks to our careful work, seriousness and honesty, we have acquired the trust and received the approval of major brands like YAMAHA, KEF, CELESTION, AUDISON, HERTZ, JL AUDIO ... for their after-sales service.

For all these brands we carry out, on one hand, all repairs during the warranty period and without warranty and, on the other hand, the distribution of spare parts on the Belgian and Luxemburg territory.

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Computer scientist by profession, it has been many years that I used public modules in my house. The problem was to interconnect everything in a way to simplify the use. So I called GF TRONICS, since then my wife has no longer to call me to turn on the light of the living room.

David Bertrand

At first, I wasn’t for this kind of new technologies, but my husband insisted for a while, then, I agreed….So we trusted GF TRONICS, I would not go back anymore….

Ameline Ganis

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